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Affirm Merchant Help

In-store Sales Scripts

Merchant sales teams may reference this guide to describe Affirm to customers and answer common questions.

Pitching Affirm

  • "We’ve partnered with Affirm to offer qualified applicants a one-time use virtual card allowing you to pay for purchases in low monthly payments."
  • "Using Affirm, you can pay for your purchase in easy, fixed monthly payments with rates typically ranging between 10-30% APR. For purchases under $50, Affirm only offers a 1-month deferred payment at 0% APR."
  • "Affirm’s online signup process is quick and easy, and your information will be kept secure."
  • "Checking your eligibility for Affirm financing will not affect your credit score."
  • "If you’d like to pay with Affirm, please follow the provided link to fill out your information on your smartphone."
  • "If approved, you’ll get a one-time-use virtual card that you can use at checkout for your purchase."
  • "Once you make your purchase, you’ll pay Affirm back over time. They’ll email a confirmation."
  • "You can find more information about Affirm at"
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