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3. In-store Virtual Card Customer FAQs

These frequently asked questions are a quick reference for customers when using Affirm’s In-store Virtual Card. For all other questions you may reference Affirm’s consumer FAQs:

Before purchase FAQ - card information, shopping, cancelation:

  • Does my card work anywhere?
    • Your card will only work at the store where you applied for the card
  • Can my virtual card be used at multiple locations, multiple times?
    • No, the card can only be used once toward a purchase with the merchant customer requested loan for
  • How do I use a Virtual Card with an in-store merchant?
    • When you use a virtual card in stores, just show the card to the salesperson, tell them that you’re paying with a MasterCard prepaid card, and ask them to key in the number just like a credit card
  • Where can I find my virtual card number?
    • You have two ways to locate your virtual card number:
      • Affirm will send you an email and SMS confirmation with a link to your virtual card. Once you click the link, you’ll be directed to your Affirm account to login with your mobile number. From there, you will be presented with an image of your card and loan details. 
      • You can log in to your Affirm account at, click on the relevant loan and find the card number in the “Loan Details” section.
  • Can I add more money to the card to meet to purchase amount? For example, my card value is $100, but my purchase is $150. 
    • Yes - you can “Edit Amount” on a virtual card by accessing your account at, but only before making a purchase
      • Caution: By choosing to “Edit Amount” on a current virtual card, Affirm will cancel the card and your loan request so that the customer can request new card and loan. We cannot guarantee customers will be approved for a higher amount and they may be declined for a larger purchase.
  • What if I changed my mind, how can I cancel the virtual card with Affirm?
    • To cancel a virtual card, simply click the email or SMS confirmation link that was sent to you when you created the card. This will send you to the card details and you can click the cancel button once there. Sales reps cannot cancel cards on  your behalf. If you do not use your card within 24 hours, the card will expire and no payment will be due.

After purchase FAQ - unused funds, returns, refunds:

  • If I didn’t use the full amount on the card, will my loan terms be adjusted to my actual purchase amount?
    • No, any unused funds on your card are applied as an adjustment to the final payments on your loan. Your loan terms are not readjusted to reflect total amount actually used toward purchase.
  • If I didn’t use the full amount on the card, what happens to the funds I didn’t use?
    • Affirm will issue you a refund for any unused amount on the virtual card 21 days after completing your purchase. 
  • Why does it take 21 days to see my refund?
    • We wait 21 days because it may take some merchants several weeks to process all the items in your order. If you receive a refund, your monthly payment amounts will remain the same and the refund will be applied to your final monthly payment(s).
  • If I return an item, when will the return/refund show on my account?
    • After you’ve returned an item, the refund should reflect on your Affirm loan within 2 business days after the refund is processed
  • If I return an item and the merchant credits the virtual card that was used to make the purchase, will that credit be applied to my monthly payments or can I use the credit toward another purchase?
    • Returning an item will trigger a refund toward your virtual card. A refund will be applied as an adjustment to the final payments on your loan.
    • Your refund cannot be used toward another purchase. To make another purchase, you must request a new loan to receive a new virtual card.