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Upgrading Educational Modals, v3 to v4 (with Prequalification)


Our latest version of Educational Modals (v4) contains a powerful new tool - Affirm Prequalification.  Prequalification allows your customers to discover how much they qualify to spend with Affirm on your site early in their shopping process.  This simple tool lets your customers shop with confidence. Shoppers who leveraged Prequalification during the feature beta program spent an average of up to 30% more per transaction - on top of the existing Affirm AOV lift.  For retailers currently running Educational Modals v3, there is no integration work required to implement Educational Modals v4 which includes Prequalification.  Prequalification is enabled on Affirm's side.  Please reach out to your Client Success Manager to have Prequalification enabled for your account.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.40.14 AM.png

To upgrade to v4:

  1. Identify which Educational Modals should have Prequalification enabled.
  2. Identify the associated data-promo-id(s) for these modals.
  3. Work with Affirm Client Success to enable Prequalification and customize messaging.

Identify which Educational Modals should have Prequalification enabled

Affirm "Starting at" or promotional language links to Educational Modals. There may be more than one Affirm Educational Modal on your site. We recommend enabling Prequalification on your product page and Shopping cart modals. 

Product Page                                                                Shopping Cart Page

clipboard_e304b53b3fb3799c9b74ed1cd074d4c43.png  clipboard_e1a49f6ff451a2c97f63c2179347de274.png

Identify the associated data-promo-id(s) for these modals

To identify which data-promo-id is associated with each Educational Modal, simply inspect the page by right clicking on the Affirm "Starting at" messaging. You'll find a line in the code with data-promo-id which is set to promo_set. This is the ID you'll want to share with your Client Success Manager.

For the Product page below, the "data-promo-id"="promo_set_product".
For the Shopping Cart page below, the "data-promo-id"="promo_set_ala_new".

In the examples above, the Product and Shopping Cart pages have different data-promo-ids. Affirm can enable Prequalification on both, however, we can also enable Prequalification on only one if you prefer.

If the data-promo-ids happen to be the same in both places and only one page should have Prequalification enabled, you will need to either remove the data-promo-id or have your Affirm Client Success Manager generate a new one. 

Note: When Affirm enables Prequalification for a particular data-promo-id, all modals that have that associated data-promo-id will have Prequalification enabled.

Find elements with missing data-promo-id

You may have Affirm promotional messaging and Educational Modals implemented on your site without a data-promo-id. If you would like Prequalification enabled on these modals as well, you  can add in an existing data-promo-id or work with your Client Success Manager to generate data-promo-ids for these html snippets.

<p class="affirm-as-low-as" data-amount="5000">
<p class="affirm-product-modal" data-amount="5000">
<p class="affirm-site-modal">
// There are no 'data-promo-id' attributes in the above element
Add in a data-promo-id value

See below for an example of how to add in a new data-promo-id to a snippet that did not contain one previously.

<p class="affirm-as-low-as" data-amount="5000" data-promo-id="promo_set_default">
<p class="affirm-product-modal" data-amount="5000" data-promo-id="promo_set_default">
<p class="affirm-site-modal" data-promo-id="promo_set_default">

Work with Affirm Client Success to enable Prequalification and customize messaging.

An Affirm staff member can enable Prequalification for your account, just reach out to your Affirm contact via email to get the process started.

Please specify:

  1. Name of the data-promo-ids you'd like Prequalification to be available with. Also indicate if you need to have new data-promo-ids generated.
  2. Depending on your promotional messaging integration, you may or may not have a "Learn more" appended to the end of the message. 
    1. If you do not have "Learn more" appended, you can work with your Client Success manager to determine what language or call to action to use. For example, change "Starting at $100/month with Affirm" to "From $100/month with Affirm. Prequalify now."
    2. If you have the "Learn more" call to action by default and would like to remove it, you can do so by setting the Monthly Payment Messaging HTML element's 'data-learnmore-show' attribute to 'false'.
      1. For example:
        <span class="affirm-as-low-as" data-promo-id="promo_set_defaul" data-learnmore-show="false"></span>


More information

For additional setup information, please refer to the main Promos Integration documentation