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Affirm Merchant Help

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) Integration

Install Affirm

Affirm Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) cartridge is certified by Demandware and supports both Pipeline and JavaScript Controller based Site Genesis. Installing the Affirm cartridge requires developer access to your Site Genesis instance. 

  1. Download the cartridge:
  2. Install the cartridge
  3. Sync your Site Genesis site
  4. Configure the Affirm payment method
  5. Enable Affirm promotional marketing assets

1. Import Affirm cartridge to a workspace in Salesforce UX Studio


2. Add Affirm cartridge to Project Reference of Server Connection


3. Wait until Studio completes workspace built and uploading source codes to a sandbox

4. Go to Business Manager > Site -> Manage Sites. Select the site, then select Settings. In cartridge path at the end write the following:

  • :int_affirm
  • If you’re using pipelines-based SiteGenesis, add the following to the cartridge path :int_affirm_pipelines:int_affirm

5. Upload affirm_meta.xml

1. Go to Administration > Site Development > Import & Export 

2. Click Upload in Import & Export Files and select affirm_meta.xml (Cartridge source code > metadata folder)


3. Click Import in Meta Data and select affirm_meta.xml


6. Upload affirm_payment.xml

1. Go to Merchant Tools > Ordering > Import & Export 

2. Click Upload and select affirm_payment.xml (Cartridge source code > metadata folder)


3. Click Import in Payment Methods and select affirm_payment.xml


7. Upload affirm_assets.xml

1. Go to Merchant Tools > Content > Import & Export

2. Click Upload and select affirm_asset.xml (Cartridge source code > metadata folder)


3. Click  Import in Libraries and select affirm_asset.xml


8. Upload affirm_slots.xml

1. Go to Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Import & Export 

2. Click Upload and select affirm_slots.xml (Cartridge source code > metadata folder)


3. Click Import in Content Slots and select affirm_slots.xml


9. Go to Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Processors. Click NEW button and create payment processor with ID - AFFIRM_PAYMENT

10. Verify that Site Preferences group was created with ID - AFFIRM_PAYMENT and nameAffirm

11. Verify that Payment Method was created with ID - Affirm and nameAffirm. Enable Affirm payment method

12. You can add an image or a text for your payment method by updating content asset affirm-payment-method

Retrieve keys

  1. Sign in to
  2. Retrieve API keys
    1. Hover over the profile icon area at the lower-left of the page.
      Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 7.56.58 AM-2.png
    2. Click the API Keys link that appears.
      Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 7.56.20 AM.png
    3. Copy the public, private, and financial product keys.

Configure the Affirm payment method

Once you've installed the Affirm cartridge, Affirm can be easily enabled as a payment method by updating the following configurations:

  1. Log in to your Business Manager
  2. Go to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Site Preferences > Affirm
  3. Set Affirm Online Status to Yes
  4. Enter the Affirm Financial Key that you retrieved from the Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  5. Enter the Affirm Public Key that you retrieved from the Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  6. Enter the Affirm Private Key that you retrieved from the Affirm Merchant Dashboard
  7. Set Affirm Mode to Sandbox for testing
  8. If you currently automatically capture, change the Affirm Payment Action to Authorize and Capture
  9. Enter Payment Min Total and Payment Max Total value to control when Affirm is shown to your customers

Affirm Promotional Messaging

To enable monthly payment messaging and modal on product, category and shopping cart pages:

  1. Go to Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Site Preferences > Affirm
  2. Set Cart Promo Message to Yes to display the promotional message on cart page
  3. Set Product Promo Message to Yes to display the promotional message on product details page
  4. Set PLP Promo Message to Yes to display the promotional message on product list page page
  5. Enter Promo Min Total value to display promotional message above a certain price
  6. (Optional) To add a data-promo-id value for custom monthly payment messaging:
    1. Enter default as a value for Default financing program
    2. Add Affirm Financing programs mapping value as default|data-promo-id where data-promo-id value will be provided by the Affirm team



Multiple Financing Programs

Multiple Financing Programs (MFPs) allows you to selectively offer a specific custom financing program to consumers based on product or cart attributes that are defined in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. MFP setup is optional and the values are provided by Affirm. For more information, please visit Salesforce Commerce Cloud Multiple Financing Programs documentation

Order Processing

Setup Capture, Void, Refund, and Update services

1. Go to Administration > Operations > Import & Export

2. Click Upload button to upload affirm_services.xml file

3. Click Import and select affirm_services.xml file

Configure Affirm Job Schedule

1. Go to Administration > Operations > Import & Export

2. Click Upload to upload affirm_jobs.xml file

3. Click Import and select affirm_jobs.xml file

4. Go to Administration > Operations > Job Schedules (deprecated)

5. Verify that each imported job was created

6. Go to AffirmCapture job and click on Sites tab

7. Check your site and click Apply

8.  Repeat step 6-7 for other jobs

Steps on how to process Affirm transactions can be found here.

Note: If you are using an older version of the cartridge ( - pipeline support only), some of the features might not be available.

Test your Affirm configuration

Test your configuration to ensure that everything is working before you go live. Email with a link to your test site so that we can verify your configuration and provide you with production keys.

  1. Add an item to the cart on your test site.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. During checkout, enter valid U.S. addresses and mobile-phone information. Affirm cannot test your configuration if the address or phone information is fake.
  4. Select Affirm as the payment option.
  5. Proceed to Affirm's testing environment checkout.

Note: The URL indicates that you are in the testing environment.

6. When prompted for your security PIN, enter 1234.

7. Select terms.

8. Confirm your loan.


9. Wait to ensure that you have been redirected to your confirmation page.

10. Verify that the transaction appears in your platform's admin panel and on

Note: When a customer completes checkout with Affirm as the payment method, Affirm authorizes a charge for the amount of the order. The charge appears in a pending state on the customer’s Affirm account. Authorized transactions expire if they are not captured before the capture deadline. The default capture deadline is specified in your partnership agreement with Affirm. If you did not specify your authorization-period requirements because of inventory, pre-orders, or shipping time in your onboarding form, please email for help with completing this process.

Go live with Affirm financing

Updating Affirm API keys

  1. Go to: Administration -> Operations -> Services -> Service Credentials -> Affirm
    • User: Public API key
    • Password: Private API key
  2. Apply settings

After you verify that your configuration is working properly in the Affirm Sandbox environment, your Affirm Client Success Manager will activate your Affirm Live environment access. This will allow you to sign into the Live version of the Merchant Dashboard, as well as access your Live API keys.

Retrieve Live API keys

  1. Go to the API keys page in the Affirm dashboard.
  2. Retrieve your live API keys.
  3. Enter the live API keys into your integration/platform.

Note: The email address that you use to access the dashboard must be registered as a Google account. Check to see if your existing email address is a Google account or create a new Google account. You can link your existing work email address to a Google account by signing up without Gmail.

Update Affirm URL and script references

  1. Affirm JS URL:
  2. Affirm API base URL: