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Multiple prices

Multiple products with different prices
  • One placeholder element per product grid item
  • Price of the item is reflected in its Monthly Payment Messaging placeholder


<!-- Product 1 -->
<div class="product-tile" id="product_1">
<p class="product-name">Product 1 Name</p>
<p class="product-price">$500</p>
<a class="affirm-as-low-as" data-amount="50000" data-affirm-color="blue"></a>

<!-- Product 2 -->
<div class="product-tile" id="product_2">
<p class="product-name">Product 2 Name</p>
<p class="product-price">$300</p>
<a class="affirm-as-low-as" data-amount="30000" data-affirm-color="blue"></a>

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