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Convert from POST to GET

Switching from POST to GET is a simple three step process.


Step 1: 

On your checkout page that calls affirm.checkout(checkoutObject)

a) If you do not have user_confirmation_url_action set in the merchant configuration object, you can add "user_confirmation_url_action": "GET" to the object

b) If you already have user_confirmation_url_action set, change the value from "POST" to "GET"

"merchant": {
    "user_confirmation_url":    "",
    "user_cancel_url":          "",
    //"user_confirmation_url_action": "POST", //OLD
    "user_confirmation_url_action": "GET",     //NEW
    "name":          "External Company Name"

Step 2: 

Adjust the page you use for your user_confirmation_url to support HTTP GET requests. The checkout token will be an additional parameter in the query string

Step 3:

Test your checkout flow!

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