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Affirm Merchant Help



Affirm has partnered with AbandonAid to integrate Affirm messaging to your email marketing messages.

Learn more about Datacrushers (previously known as AbandonAid) and their solutions here.


  1. Email AbandonAid support, ask to embed Affirm messaging into your emails, and they will enable Affirm for your account.
  2. Log into the AbandonAid admin panel.
  3. Go to 'Configure' -> 'Configure Emails'
  4. Add the Affirm template variable into your message.

 5. Append the following as query parameters to all the outgoing Affirm messaging links (Ex: Affirm promotional messaging links in the emails sends the customers to a cart page, the string used within the email template should add these parameters,

  • aff_cid="unique_value" - Unique value used for tracking, either already available or created, which could provide more information about the email service provider and/or the merchant
  • aff_fm="t" - Forces the Affirm educational modal to open when a customer lands on the page where Affirm promotional messaging is available