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Affirm Merchant Help

Upgrade to the new Affirm BigCommerce checkout

Affirm now directly integrates as an online payment method with BigCommerce which means it's more reliable and also enables refunds, voids, captures made through BigCommerce to update Affirm automatically. This means there's no need to perform those functions in your Affirm dashboard. 

Since this update is for the checkout only, this requires no modification to your promotional messaging so there's no need to make any changes to your current Affirm app or themes.

Updating to this checkout can be done in two simple steps:

1. Disable Cash On Delivery Offline Payment Method

Go to Store Setup › Payments and expand Offline Payment Methods. Toggle off Cash On Delivery to disable the current Affirm checkout:



2. Enable Affirm as an Online Payment Method 

Go to Store Setup › Payments and find Affirm on the list of Online Payment Methods. Click Set up.


You will be taken to the Affirm Settings tab. Enter the credentials from your Affirm merchant account into their corresponding fields.


  • Public Key — The Public Key from your Affirm dashboard.
  • Private Key — The Private Key from your Affirm dashboard.
  • Minimum Order Value — The minimum order amount (before taxes and discounts) that must be met before Affirm displays as an option at checkout. If blank, Affirm will be displayed for all orders over $50.
  • Transaction Type — can be set to Authorize & Capture or Authorize Only.
    • Authorize & Capture will capture your Affirm charge and your order will have the status of Awaiting Fulfillment in BigCommerce.
    • Authorize Only allows you to capture the funds manually. Your order will have the status of Awaiting Payment in BigCommerce. Once you manually capture the order in BigCommerce, the charge will be captured automatically in Affirm. See Manually Capturing Transactions (Authorize Only) to learn more on how to manually capture transactions within BigCommerce.
  • Test Mode — determines whether your store is in Test Mode. Make sure this is enabled until you are ready to take payments.